Harmony's New Home Sales Nearly Double in 2014

New home sales in Harmony for 2014 were up an impressive 92 percent from the previous year, fueled by a local demand for new homes and a continued stream of corporate relocations from across the country.

Families who listed Spring as their previous address accounted for 36 percent of Harmony’s new home sales in 2014, a figure which reinforces the local demand for new homes, according to Harmony Realtor Relocation Manager Faith Bailes.

“There’s a strong market for families living in the area who want the features of a new home,” Bailes says.  “Plus, Harmony’s eight model homes provide buyers with options to suit any budget and lifestyle.”

Corporate relocations from ExxonMobil, Haliburton, Baker Hughes and other nearby employers also played a role in the community’s growth, she adds.  About 17 percent of Harmony’s 2014 new home sales were to out-of-state buyers.

The community also continues to be a big draw with young families as 88 percent of Harmony’s new homebuyers in 2014 reported having children 12 and under.

In addition to Harmony’s proximity to several corporate headquarters, Bailes says the community’s on-site Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center and a new Primrose School, opening this summer, are big selling points for young families.