Costco Opens Just Minutes From Harmony

Harmony residents can now stock up on household items, groceries and more at an all-new Costco Wholesale store, now open just minutes away from the master-planned community at 8185 Texas 242.

The sprawling, 152,000-square-foot warehouse store offers everything from groceries and bakery items to furniture and electronics.

How big is Costco?  Consider these eye-popping facts.

In 2013, the warehouse store sold more than 106 million pounds of fresh ground beef and more than 60 million rotisserie chickens.  Last year, Costco’s fresh bakeries sold more than 141 million muffins and more than 295 million servings of cake.   

Costco sells more than $1 billion of wine each year, making it the largest seller of fine wines in the U.S.  It also sells approximately 1.6 billion gallons of gas and fills more than 30 million prescriptions every year.