Welcome Brittany Tennery as our new Lifestyle Coordinator!



Get to know your Lifestyle Coordinator:

Brittany is overjoyed to be joining us here at Harmony! She grew up right around the corner from our beautiful property and watched as Harmony developed into the lovely community we see today! She is excited to create our future events and experiences that enhance the community. 

Fun Facts about Brittany:

  • She has two cats, Stella Bella and Clark Kent (or should I say Superman?!), and one of them is a polydactyl (multi-toed) with 27 toes! (I wonder which one it is?)
  • She loves fishing, reading, and cuddling up with her two kitties while watching a movie
  • She loves all things Italian
  • She is obsessed with Dolphins and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch 

Come stop by the office to say hi and welcome her to the community! You can also reach her directly at Brittany.Tennery@fsresidential.com or 281-430-4180